“I thoroughly enjoyed my first appearance on American Law Radio, the hosts were friendly, the questions intelligent, and the conversation engaging. I look forward to next time.”

Justin Barasky, National Press Secretary at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee


“ALR is a fabulous team to work with. They’re dedicated, sharp, and genuinely courteous. I’ve always enjoyed working with them to schedule appearances and I always look forward to hearing the final product.”

Matthew  Adair, Administrative Aide to Senator Nina Turner


“I very much enjoyed being part of a program on American Law Radio. It’s so important to reach people through all forms of media to discuss issues important to their lives, and American Law Radio offers a terrific way to do so.”

Seth Levy, Chairman and CEO,It Gets Better Project.


“Sara Gedeon, Sam Riotte, and David Malik of American Law Radio are wonderful.  For insightful, timely, and serious discussion on civil and human rights, American Law Radio is THE program of choice!”

Annette Raynor, author Overturned!


“David Malik and American Law Radio investigate the true depths of today’s civil rights complaints, and the contentious impact they have in our society. No sugar coating or beating around the bush with this talk show.”

Keith King—Private Investigator, United Research, Inc. 


“Working with American Law Radio was a great experience for my client at the National Women’s Law Center. They are a group of hard-working professionals that my client really enjoyed engaging in meaningful conversation with – a real class act.”

Benny Martinez, Strauss Media Strategies


“Being a guest on American Law Radio was a positive experience. Pre-show prepping was well organized and helpful. I was well treated and respected.  The show really made me feel like a “guest”.  I would recommend that anyone participate.”

Tom Morgan, Freedom Ohio and GetEQUAL.org


“Sara, Sam, and David were fabulous hosts – and they had certainly done their homework. Their thoughtful questions allowed for great dialogue. And their commitment to creating an open forum to discuss important and timely issues is invaluable.”

Seth Marnin, Anti-Defamation League


“As experienced lawyers David and Sara make American Law Radio special.  They possess skill and practical insight that is missing from other legal programs.

American Law Radio is the real deal. David Malik, Sara Gedeon and Sam Riotte are top notch lawyers that truly educate their listeners.

As a veteran lawyer, I enjoy listening to American Law Radio. The hosts David and Sara routinely discuss timely and fascinating topics. Their guests make-up the elite of the legal profession. This show is not just entertaining. I always learn something from their program.

In an age where most talking media pundits are all opinion without substance, American Law Radio opts to bring real legal experience and theory to its’ listeners. David and Sara set the bar.

American Law Radio is what the lawyers listen to.”

Ian Friedman, Criminal Defense Attorney


“American Law Radio does a great job of keeping our citizens informed about what is going on in the greater Cleveland area and they provide rich dialogue from a wide array of opinions to help address our community’s most pressing issues.”

Blaine Griffin, Executive Director of the Community Relations Board for the City of Cleveland


“In a world where rushed (and sometimes inaccurate) news is the norm, American Law Radio takes the time to build a meaningful dialogue surrounding some of the nation’s most pressing issues. It was so great to be part of a discussion where all ideas, values, and points of view are given equal weight—giving the audience a truly comprehensive view of the story.”

Juan Garcia-Thomas, Director of Communications for the Women’s Campaign Fund


“In this age of empty sound bites and meaningless drivel posing as thoughtful dialogue, American Law Radio is a brave beacon of courageous truth that  attempts to wake up the citizenry to inequities and make America truly live up to the ideas and ideals espoused in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

Mansfield Frazier, Community Activist


“American Law Radio provides an excellent forum for the discussion, examination, and debate of some of the most challenging, provocative, and controversial civil rights and social justice issues confronting Northeast Ohio and our nation. Sara, Sam, and David do an exceptional job of engaging their guests, which are typically well respected authorities in their respective fields, in intriguing, probing, and enlightening dialogue that is always well researched and articulated.”

Dr. Ronnie A. Dunn, Author and Professor


“It is always a great experience to engage in thoughtful and respectful debate with David Malil and American Law Radio. Its a great way to reach folks in our area who will ultimately be affected by the public policy decisions being made in the Statehouse”.

Nickie J. Antonio, State Representative Ohio House District 13


“American Law Radio is an interesting discussion of ideas. Their panel and guests lead the listener in an interesting and educational exchange of ideas related to the various topics of the day.  Those who want something besides talking points and shrill emotion will find American Law Radio a refreshing change from what has become normal TV/radio. Each episode is a discussion worthy of your time.”

Jim Irvine, Chairman of the Buckeye Firearms Association

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