Meet Quinton & Ariella!

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”Te Amo Mas”[/box]


“Te Amo Mas©” or “I Love You More” is an innovative cartoon depicting the dynamics between a husband and wife,-Quinton & Ariella.  They don’t always agree in their political views! 

Quinton is a decorated and former military combat officer.  He completed his college education while going through night school after his military service.  He presently works in a major metropolitan police department as a Lieutenant. There is talk that one day, Quinton may be the Chief of Police. Though he is a supervisor, Quinton still likes to ride a zone car and work the streets with his “guys”. 

Ariella is the love of Quinton’s life.  She worries about him working as a police officer.  She has strong opinions about the behavior of some of the rank and file patrolman that Quinton commands. She believes some of them don’t have the best integrity nor do they have the best interests of the citizens or police department at heart.  Ariella is an elementary school principal. She is adored by her students and staff.

Quinton and Ariella are different from one another in other respects.  Quinton attended a State University.  Ariella attended an Ivy League college.  Quinton took out student loans to complete his education.  Ariella received full scholarships.  Quinton is involved in the African American community as a volunteer.  Ariella is involved in the Hispanic community as a volunteer.

Together, they are a dynamic couple.  But when they butt heads on political or social issues, fireworks fly!  They may really disagree, but at the end of the day Quinton always tells Ariella, “I Love You” and Ariella always responds, Quinton, “Te amo mas”.

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